Bespoke consultancy, training and hands-on trouble shooting within the quality, sales, business development and key account management functions for hotels, conference and training centres and guest accommodation businesses.

A successful business demands a successful sales team that works in partnership with the operational team to maximise opportunities and understand any constraints. It is a circular process, which necessitates the operational team understanding the service levels that they are required to perform at to ensure that the target customers’ requirements are fulfilled. The whole team needs to pro-actively support customer growth and retention.

We offer a bespoke service based on an initial face to face consultation. We can identify where attention may be required and work on those areas by identifying skills gaps, looking at ‘good-fit’ target markets and the operational requirements of these. We can also work with you to ensure that your sales and marketing plans reflect and support the business, and that the operational service and facilities re-enforce the message.

We are passionate about getting it right first time for our customers and as such we commit to;

  • Understand what it takes to make things run smoothly
  • Align our objectives with your Executives needs and objectives
  • Forge an open and honest relationship with our clients
  • Measure success and monitor quality
  • Have empathy with the Executives, supporting them in a way that allows them to focus on the delivery of key objectives for the business
  • Ensure that communication at every level is the very best it could be